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Unlock the secret to learning medicine effectively

Dr. Tony Hannaman researched evidence-based learning techniques, interviewed dozens of learning experts, and spent years studying learning science to uncover how to make learning medicine easier.

He's taken the best evidence-based learning techniques and layered them together to create a three-step study methodology that's proven to help practicing and aspiring physicians learn medicine for the long haul.

In this free StudyWise PDF, you'll get the best evidence-based approach to learning medicine, apply it to your own study patterns, and understand your path to becoming an expert physician.

  • “[StudyWise] puts together various state-of-the-art theories on how to study, retain learned material, and integrate it… in such a comprehensive yet crystal clear and easy-to-grasp style.”

    Roberto Jodorkovsky, MD

Discover learning techniques that truly work

Based on what we now know about how the brain processes memories and on the results of many empiric and randomized controlled trials of specific learning techniques, we can conclude that our most used and taught study techniques are not optimal, not helpful at all, or are even counterproductive.

This guide will teach you how to study medicine effectively—to give you time back in your busy schedule and truly learn medicine for the long haul.

  • Debunk 6 learning myths that may be holding you back from learning medicine effectively
  • Discover the 2 secrets to long-term learning
  • Understand what to study—and how to study—based on how much time you have until your exam (or to fulfill your goals)
  • Uncover the magic of interleaving and how to implement it into your study routine
  • Deep dive into the importance of spaced retrieval in learning medicine—plus how to implement it into your study routine

StudyWise will help you learn, retain, and easily recall all the medical information you need, whether you’re seeing patients or taking the boards. 

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