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2023 Pediatrics Board Review Course
Diana Patricia Espinosa-Duque, MD

Very informative

2023 Pediatrics Board Review Course
Mariana T. Tavárez-Santiesteban, MD

Helped me identify gaps when trying to answered the questions during the course.

Excellent course!!! Thank You!!!

Honestly, I don't think I would have passed without this course and the wealth of new information I've learned. Thank you very much!!!!!

I thought this course did a good job of narrowing what I actually needed to know. I was pleased with both the content and the format.

The Course helped clarify areas that I didn't understand or needed a refresher. It clarified the appropriate timing and situation for specific diagnostic testing such as CT scan or lab testing etc.

I am a veteran with MedStudy; I have attended several courses! Once you have been out of training we find gaps in our knowledge; MedStudy course help to fill the 'gap'.

2023 Internal Medicine Review Course
Michelle Redman Pontzer, MD

The Course offered updates on current management of common medical problems. It helps to focus on what is important to know for exam!

I wish I had this course during my residency!

The Course was just what I needed. I did MedStudy 10 years ago (in person) when I took my recertification exam the last time.

The Course is concise, amazing and I am hopeful it will help me pass my board as well as flourish my practice!

I have been feeling "stuck in a rut" in my practice, and though I do read journals/summaries to keep current - this brought my skill set to a whole new level in a short amount of time. Plus, the Jedi mind training techniques I will employ over the next few months will really help solidify this new information; This is of great benefit to any medical practice.

Excellent overall. The color pictures in the syllabus were great. I liked that the book contained all/most slides.

2023 Internal Medicine Review Course
George R. Zimmerman II MD

I really enjoyed the course! The presenters did a great job!

I had issues with weak areas and MedStudy helped me improve in those fields.

I will recommend this course to my friends.

I really enjoyed the online experience. The course was excellent and the speakers were amazing.

A lot of great tips for preventive pediatrics.

I found the online review very focused and without the distractions I find in other in-person courses. It was like having a one on one tutoring.

The course is thorough and organized and the content is excellent!

Excellent course, excellent online experience.

It is very nice to be away of hectic patient care routine and sit down quietly to study. I might do it again in the future, just to keep myself updated for internal medicine.

Pretty incredible course. Good mixture of speakers who are engaging and make their lectures interesting to listen to and learn from.

Overall GREAT review!!! Definitely updated my knowledge on many things updated mgt / meds and screening!

2023 Internal Medicine Review Course
Rebecca Gilbert Hills, MD

It’s wonderful to be presented all the info in this course, and then you are able to identify your weaknesses, and your strength. I don’t see much sickle cell anemia where I am now, so it’s great to have that review!

Was great having the course online. All the notes are provided with the course, I will definitely reread and use for future reference.