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Internal Medicine CME information

CME mission statement

MedStudy’s primary purpose is to provide bias-free, quality, educational activities that advance physician competency in Internal Medicine, as measured by successful preparation for the American Board of Internal Medicine exam and by our physicians’ self-reported improvement in patient care that occurs as a result of increased knowledge.

Target audience

Participants in this MedStudy educational activity are those physicians seeking to assess, expand, and reinforce their knowledge and clinical competencies in internal medicine, focusing their learning on subjects that are directly relevant to clinical scenarios that will be encountered on the ABIM Certification board exam or the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) board exam and the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine (AOBIM) board exams, as well as in the contemporary clinical setting. The content of this activity is intended to help learners assess their own key knowledge and clinical competencies with evidence-based standards of care, as reflected on the board exams, and remedy any potential competency gaps that may exist.

Learning objectives

As a result of participation in this activity, learners will be able to:

  • integrate and demonstrate increased overall knowledge of internal medicine
  • identify and remedy areas of weakness (gaps) in knowledge and clinical competencies
  • describe the clinical manifestations and treatments of diseases encountered in internal medicine and effectively narrow the differential diagnosis list by utilizing the most appropriate medical studies, and
  • apply the competence and confidence gained through participation in this activity to both a successful board exam–taking experience and daily practice