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MedStudy helps you ace ABIM boards, earn CME credits and MOC points, and update your knowledge for practice.

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Our comprehensive learning system combines focused content with evidence-based learning techniques to ensure you truly learn medicine.

During Residency

MedStudy is the answer to your biggest challenge: the sheer volume of medical knowledge you must acquire. Use the MedStudy Method—which blends the best content with the latest learning techniques—to anchor all the must-know information into your long-term memory. It will be there any time you need it—during rounds, clinics, or exams.

For Maintenance of Certification

You're zooming along in your busy practice and one of those dang tests looms on the horizon again! MedStudy helps you stay up to date so you can go into the Longitudinal Assessment or 10-year exam with full confidence in your medical knowledge.

When You Need to Earn CME

Your patients are the center of your work life—and you want them to get the best care possible. Maintain exceptional competence in all the areas of Internal Medicine with MedStudy. Plus, we make it easy to earn and claim CME credits and MOC points.

Study Strong® with Proven Learning Techniques Built into the Content

Personal Trainer gives you personalized, adjustable learning plans built according to your study pace. Weekly Core and Q&A assignments combine the content with the MedStudy Method to move what you need to know into your long-term memory.

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You can sample the entire Pulmonary Medicine section from any of our Internal Medicine learning tools. No credit card required.

19th Ed. IM Core

Get the entire Pulmonary Medicine section of the Core for free with a digital eBook that you can highlight, bookmark, and take notes in.

IM Board-Style Q&A Premium

Self-assess with 174 Pulmonary Medicine questions with complicated distractors and to-the-point explanations that are expanded upon in the Core.

2021-2022 IM Core Scripts Flashcards

Track your progress through 36 Pulmonary Medicine Flashcards you can flip through, bookmark, and mark as “Know It” or “Not Sure."

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