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One set of books. Two question banks. An evidence-based study system you can trust. Go through medical school with confidence, not confusion!

Truly LEARN Medicine

Your entire medical career relies on the knowledge structure you’re building right now. Our comprehensive learning system combines focused content with evidence-based learning techniques to ensure you truly LEARN the foundations of medicine.

Structured To Support Your Progress Through Coursework

Finally, one set of books for medical school that comprehensively covers the knowledge students must master! From basic science to clinical knowledge, our casual and concise content makes learning medicine easier.

Confidently Take on USMLE Exams

3,000 challenging questions created by expert physician educators address the most testable topics on the USMLE Exam Content Outline for Step 1 & Step 2. Each Q&A is interlinked with the same topic in the digital Core so you can dig into the Testing Point for each question.

Study Strong® with Proven Learning Techniques Built into the Content

Personal Trainer gives you personalized, adjustable learning plans built according to your study pace. Weekly Core and Qbank+ assignments combine the content with the MedStudy Method to move what you need to know into your long-term memory.

International Medical Graduates

Our comprehensive online curriculum helps IMGs through medical school coursework and USMLE prep.

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You can sample the Musculoskeletal System section from each product in the Study Strong System. In each one, you’ll discover how to amplify your learning with Personal Trainer. No credit card required.

Medical Student Core

Get a feel for every feature in the Core with your free trial of the entire Musculoskeletal System section.

Step 1 Qbank+

Self-test with questions covering basic sciences of the Musculoskeletal System in an exam-like environment.

Step 2 Qbank+

Test how you apply your clinical knowledge to patient care with challenging questions from the Musculoskeletal System.

Created by Devoted Physician Educators

We’ve taken 30 years of expertise in helping Internists and Pediatricians ace their boards and crafted a revolutionary learning system for medical students.

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