There's a better way to learn medicine.

Simplify your resources and streamline learning.

You’re on the path to becoming an incredible physician but there is so much to learn.

The old prescription: listen to upperclassmen, take what you can from your school, and pile on additional resources. It’s overwhelming and confusing.

Our goal: Build a comprehensive solution, focused on what you are expected to learn—and what you're tested on. All of it embracing evidence-based learning techniques that encourage long-term retention to save you from forgetting this material in the future.

The result: A study system that supports your path from the basic sciences to clinical knowledge concepts most likely to be tested on in your classes and Step exams. Print and digital formats you can use to support your coursework and a personal trainer to plan out your study that adapts with you as your goals change.

The All-in-One Resource for Med Students

Stop questioning what resources you'll need and whether or not they'll actually help you excel in medical school. There is one resource that will help you pass your classes AND ace your boards—the StudySTRONG System.


    Medical Student Study Strong System

    The ultimate value! Build a sound (and EASILY RECALLED) knowledge base of everything you are expected to learn in med school, including coverage of every item in the USMLE® content outline.

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    Medical Student Study Strong System: Digital only

    Kick off the year ahead with the most affordable package that is focused on your immediate needs. 

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Resources for Med School Classwork

Step 1 Resources

Step 2 Resources

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Here's How It Works

Whether you're an in-coming MS1 or an MS4 prepping for residency, this revolutionary new system is your partner through all of med school. Our comprehensive learning system combines focused content with evidence-based learning techniques to make learning medicine easier.

medical student core books set of 20 colorful books with the digital version on a tablet

The Medical Student Core Is Structured To Support Your Progress Through Coursework

Finally, one set of books for medical school that comprehensively covers the knowledge students must master! From basic science to clinical knowledge, our casual and concise content makes learning medicine easier. Included in both print and digital formats.

Learn More About the Medical Student Core Explore the Med Student Study Strong System
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Confidently Take on USMLE Step Exams with Qbank+

3,000 challenging questions created by expert physician educators address the most testable topics on the USMLE Exam Content Outline for Step 1 & Step 2. Each Q&A is linked to the same topic in the Core so you can dig into the Testing Point for each question.

Learn More About Step 1 Qbank+ Learn More About Step 2 Qbank+
Views from within the heart sounds and skin signs applications

All You Need To Know About Heart Sounds and Skin Signs

Dive into clinical skills for cardiology and dermatology with Heart Sounds and Skin Signs—included in select packages!

Learn More About Heart Sounds Learn More About Skin Signs

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