Effortlessly apply evidence-based learning techniques

Personal Trainer will optimize how you study, using evidence-based techniques proven to help you truly learn medicine for the long haul. 

  • See new study plans every week

    Each week your Study Board will serve plans to keep you on track with your study goals.

  • Rev up your recall

    Personal Trainer automates evidence-based learning techniques—including spaced retrieval—to deepen your understanding and improve your recall of the concepts.

Visualize progress toward your goals

Personal Trainer will keep you on track! But if you want to check in, you can easily see how you’re progressing through the content.

  • Set your study pace

    Personal Trainer will set your ‘study pace’ according to how much content you have to study and how long you have to do it. As you study, Personal Trainer will intelligently adapt how much content it serves you each week.

  • Zero in on specific subjects

    Tell Personal Trainer exactly which subjects you need to focus on, and it will bring content from each section in your Study Block into your weekly assignments based on your study pace. 

Take a break without losing progress

Need to take a week off? Come back from your break refreshed, and Personal Trainer will resume your study plan without things piling up. 

Discover the science behind our learning method

The best evidence-based learning techniques are incorporated into everything we do at MedStudy. This ebook explains the science behind your learning tools.

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