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Everything you need to know about MOCA-Peds in 2024

Breeze through MOCA-Peds questions, stay current on your pediatrics knowledge for practice, and earn MOC and CME.

We break down everything you need to know for MOCA-Peds in 2024.

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MOCA-Peds in 2024: Answer 20 questions in 5 minutes each every quarter throughout the year

MOCA-Peds is an online, non-proctored assessment you have the option to take for your Part 3 ABP MOC requirement. Over 19,000 Pediatricians elected to take MOCA-Peds in 2022.

  • 5 minutes to answer each question

    You only have 5 minutes to answer each MOCA-Peds question—so you better be prepared! The assessment is open-book, so you can have resources open and search them to find answers.

  • 45 learning objectives tested

    The ABP creates a "content outline" for MOCA-Peds—it's really a list of 45 scenarios you'd likely see in your practice. You must be prepared to answer questions on any of the 45 objectives when you start MOCA-Peds.

  • 2 featured readings tested

    The ABP also gives featured readings for MOCA-Peds each year. You could see questions on the 2024 featured readings at any point throughout the year, so it's important that your resources cover the featured readings, too.

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An easy-to-use MOCA-Peds guide

QuickREF for MOCA-Peds is a comprehensive, easily-searchable guide for the 2024 MOCA-Peds learning objectives. Busy Pediatricians love QuickREF’s quick points and topic summaries for all 45 learning objectives and the 2 featured readings. 

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  • Excellent study material for busy Doctors. If you are a busy Doctor [QuickREF] is your choice; It goes to the point, the knowledge you need to pass the test and apply in your practice.

    Mercedes Blanche, MD
  • MedStudy has been a big help in my MOCA. Concise, user-friendly, convenient to use, especially for a busy clinician.

    Rolando Mallari, MD 
  • I have reviewed the MOCA Peds book and I really like it. In fact, I use it almost every day when I teach. It is my quick look up guide too. The book contains all important topics. It is written very well, both scientific and also understandable. I use it for my MOCA-Peds and it has all pertinent information. Most topics I had on my MOCA exams so far are covered in this book I would definitely recommend this book to all my colleagues and friends.

    Nina Poliak, MD
  • This is so helpful…I was thinking to myself ‘uggh MOCA prep.’ This will make my life easier.

    Judith Cornely, MD
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Common questions about MOCA-Peds

How does MOCA-Peds work?

MOCA-Peds is an alternative to the ABP's traditional 10-year, proctored recertification exam.

MOCA-Peds is a quarterly open-book assessment given over the course of 5 years by the ABP.

You’ll take MOCA-Peds on a five-year cycle, but it’s important to think about it in year-long increments. Each year the ABP releases new learning objectives and featured readings that the questions will cover.

What is the format for MOCA-Peds?

MOCA-Peds is an online, non-proctored exam. Up to 20 questions are delivered each quarter through the MOCA-Peds platform. MOCA-Peds participants have 5 minutes to answer each question. Unanswered questions are marked as incorrect.

MOCA-Peds questions follow a single-best answer “multiple choice” format and will present a clinical vignette, followed by the question. After you submit your answer for the question, you'll see the rationale.

You can answer all of your MOCA-Peds questions at once, or in any increment you want throughout the quarter.

How many questions are on MOCA-Peds?

You'll get 20 questions per quarter for 5 years. Over the course of your MOCA-Peds period, you will go through 400 questions.

What is the passing score for MOCA-Peds?

The passing standard for MOCA-Peds is 180.

The ABP uses a standardized score scale ranging from 1 to 300. The scale takes the difficulty level of each question into consideration since every examinee may receive a different set of questions.

Does MOCA-Peds count as CME or MOC?

The American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is not a CME-awarding organization—however you can submit your participation in MOCA-Peds for CME credits.

Will I be able to see my performance on MOCA-Peds?

Throughout your MOCA-Peds cycle, you'll be able to see your performance broken out by

  • total number of questions
  • number of questions answered correctly
  • percentage of questions answered correctly

Each year you'll see an interim scaled score in your MOCA-Peds dashboard so you can track your performance on the exam.

What happens if I fail MOCA-Peds?

If you haven't passed MOCA-Peds by the end of your cycle in the fourth year, you need to take and pass the ABP's traditional, proctored MOC exam to fulfill your Part 3 MOC requirements and maintain your ABP certification.

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