How It Works

Phase 1: Preview

Previewing is a low-stress, simple process to prime your brain for what you’re about to learn the next day. Dredge up everything you can about those topics—the act of attempting to recall, whether you remember much or not, makes your brain sticky for that same information and will make the studying phase more effective.

Phase 2: Study

Don’t memorize; simply seek understanding. This is the fun part where you let your curiosity guide you through the textbook, lecture, or video. You are not supposed to have mastered the material yet—you're simply aiming for an understanding of the facts, concepts, and processes.

Phase 1 and 2 are meant to be low-stress processes!

Phase 3: Spaced Retrieval

Spaced retrieval is the true secret of transferring and maintaining the must-know information in your long-term memory. In its essence, you are practicing recall of the same topic repeatedly, but over progressively longer periods of time.

After the initial study session, the same study unit will reappear in progressively longer spaced intervals. Throughout these study sessions, dredge up all you can remember after reading a question but before reading the answer or explanation. This is key!

Practicing recall in this way is done for all facts, processes, and concepts you want to move into long-term memory—and there’s a lot! But your super-smart Personal Trainer (included) will do all the needed planning for you.

Why It Works

MedStudy has teamed up with learning experts to provide a research-based approach to learning that leverages effortful study techniques for deeper learning. Get your free copy of StudyWise to learn the kickass brain hacking techniques you need to study strong.

Personal Trainer Uses the MedStudy Method

Your interactive Personal Trainer uses your Study Board to guide you through the 3 phases of the MedStudy Method, locking the information you must know into your long-term memory.

It gives you a continuously updated, personalized study plan based on the content you need to learn and how much time you have. Personal Trainer creates weekly assignments as a series of study units which are linked to the relevant Q&As and digital Core topics—so all work can be done directly from the Study Board.

Personal Trainer comes with the MedStudy Core.

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