About MedStudy

We aim to bring our innovative approach to medical education to a growing audience of medical professionals.

Dr. Robert A 'Tony' Hannaman

Founder and CEO

Our Mission

To help healthcare providers learn and maintain competency wherever they are in their medical journey—in the simplest way possible.

Everything you need to make learning medicine easier

Whether it's a test in the next three months or your career over the next thirty years, we'll be here to help you—so you can have happier work days, less stressful nights, and healthier patients.

Our History

MedStudy was founded to meet the needs of physicians preparing for the boards by providing concise, yet comprehensive, study solutions. Today, we apply the same principles of clarity, brevity, and relevance to every resource we produce.

  • Before MedStudy

    Prior to MedStudy, the resources physicians turned to for board prep were limited to lengthy, broad texts that were neither efficient nor effective.

    Our founder and editor-in-chief, Tony Hannaman, envisioned a study solution that provided board-specific medical knowledge and presented it in a conversational and easy-to-understand voice.

  • MedStudy is Founded

    In 1990 Tony Hannaman, MD, decided it was time to shake things up. The 1st Edition Internal Medicine Core was published and revolutionized board review with its strict focus on the basics of internal medicine.

  • Expansion into Pediatrics

    In 2004 MedStudy released the 1st Edition Pediatrics Core, offering pediatricians the same kind of concise, board-focused content that had been benefitting internists for over 14 years.

  • Integrated Study Systems

    Today, we’ve expanded to offer a full line of integrated study resources for internists and pediatricians preparing for their boards and refreshing their medical knowledge. Each product is informed by, complements, and reinforces the others.

  • The MedStudy Method

    Over the years we’ve learned a lot about learning—and we’ve discovered that much of what is taught about learning is wrong. The MedStudy Method reflects the latest science-based study techniques to help you learn and remember more medicine.

  • A Trusted Partner

    Since 1990, generations of physicians have trusted MedStudy to meet their lifelong learning needs. From medical school to recertification and from ongoing updates to knowledge refresher, MedStudy is committed to partnering with physicians like you, wherever you are on your medical journey.