Our History

For over 30 years, MedStudy has been shaking up medical education with innovative learning tools developed with memory retention and ease of learning at their core.

  • Before MedStudy

  • Prior to MedStudy, the resources physicians turned to for board prep were limited to large tomes that were neither efficient nor effective.

    Our founder and editor-in-chief, Tony Hannaman, MD envisioned learning resources that would provide specialty and board-specific medical knowledge, presented in a conversational and easy-to-understand voice.

  • 1990 MedStudy is Founded

  • MedStudy was founded to meet the needs of physicians preparing for the boards and maintaining competency by providing concise, yet comprehensive learning tools. The 1st Edition Internal Medicine Core was published and revolutionized board review with its strict focus on the basics of internal medicine. What began as a Core set of IM books has evolved to a multitude of offerings including: Q&As, flashcards, live courses, video reviews, digital books, audio tools and more.

  • 2004 Expansion into Pediatrics

  • MedStudy released the 1st Edition Pediatrics Core, offering pediatricians the same kind of concise, board- and specialty-focused content that had been benefitting internists for over 14 years. What began as a Core set of Peds books has evolved to the same multitude of specialty-specific offerings that our Internists rely on.

  • 2016 Development of the MedStudy Method

  • Over the years we have learned a lot about learning—and we have discovered that much of what has been taught about learning is wrong. The MedStudy Method incorporates the best evidence-based study techniques to move what you learn into long-term memory so you have what you need when you need it—whether taking exams or treating patients.

  • 2019 Creation of Integrated Study Systems

  • Continuous upgrading of products led to a full line of integrated study resources with interlinked content for internists and pediatricians preparing for their boards and maintaining competency. Each product is informed by, complements, and reinforces the others.

  • 2021 Launched the Medical Student Study Strong System

  • After 8 years of development, we introduced a revolutionary new study system for medical students that comprehensively covers the knowledge students must master. The same method of learning that 130,000+ physicians have used to ace their board exams now offers med students a way to confidently and competently take on med school.

  • Released Super-Smart Personal Trainer

  • Also in 2021, we released an all new interactive Personal Trainer—a super-smart, personalized learning guide that leads you through Core and Q&A content using the best evidence-based techniques to optimize study time and streamline the learning process.

A Trusted Partner

Since 1990, physicians have trusted MedStudy to meet their lifelong learning needs. From medical school through all of your practice years, MedStudy makes learning medicine easier and your professional life more satisfying.