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Pediatrics QuickREF for 2021 MOCA Peds Learning Objectives

Use this QuickREF guide as your open book reference for this year's MOCA-Peds.

This QuickREF includes:

  • Content that covers all 45 learning objectives and featured readings
  • Quick Points that cover the must-know information for each learning objective
  • Digital format allows for quick search by keyword and topic.
  • NEW! Relevant excerpts from the 9th Ed. Peds Core for each objective
  • NEW! Printed book paired with digital edition
  • NEW! Easier to read with larger book and larger font

Add on our 2,000+ Peds Q&As, with a pre-selected 300+ question set that specifically addresses the 2021 MOCA-Peds learning objectives.

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Your sidekick for MOCA-Peds

  • Check your recall of the facts quickly as you're taking the assessment
  • Content tailored to each MOCA-Peds Learning Objective
  • Quickly search through digital QuickRef using the search tool

CME Credits & MOC Points

This product provides you with a maximum of:

30 CME credits and MOC points

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The MedStudy Method

The MedStudy Method combines board-focused material with evidence-based learning techniques in an easy-to-apply, 3-phased approach to study.


Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Core, Q&As, Flashcards, or Core Audio Pearls.


Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, or listen to audio material to review topics.


Test yourself with Q&As or Flashcards to make the new information easily retrievable.

2021 Pediatrics Video Board Review

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Short on time? Need bite-sized chunks of Pediatric board review that you can fit into your schedule? 

Study at your own pace with Pediatric’s favorite on-demand video board review.

  • Over 51 hours of all new laser-focused Pediatrics board review videos

  • 25 engaging experts cover all topics from the ABP & AOBP content outlines

  • 706-page full color printed syllabus

  • Flexible formats: Choose from online streaming or a USB flash drive

  • Free shipping to the continental U.S.

  • Max CME Credits & MOC Points: 51

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