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2022–2023 Pediatrics Flashcards

Fully reviewed and updated. Use our collection of 1,000+ MedStudy Pediatrics Flashcards as a fun way to exercise recall of diseases, syndromes, and fundamental facts. This set of flashcards is up-to-date, clear, and board-focused. Get exactly what you need to know—no more, no less.


With the 2022—2023 Pediatrics Flashcards, you’ll get: 

  • 1,000+ MedStudy pediatrics flashcards, with answers and excerpts from the latest Core

  • Coverage of all 25 subject areas from the ABP content outline 

  • Printed cards in a box OR online access for 12 months 

  • Max CME Credits/MOC Points: 100


Purchase as part of Study Strong Essentials (Core, Q&A, and Flashcards), to access interlinked content and maximize your learning according to the MedStudy Method.

      Topics Covered

      • Adolescent Medicine and Sexual Health
      • Allergy and Immunology
      • Behavioral Medicine and Substance Abuse
      • Biostatistics, Ethics, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
      • Cardiology
      • Dermatology
      • Emergency Medicine and Maltreatment Syndromes
      • Endocrinology
      • Gastroenterology
      • Genetics
      • Growth and Development
      • Hematology
      • Infectious Disease
      • Metabolic Disorders
      • Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine
      • Neonatology
      • Nephrology and Urology
      • Neurology
      • Nutrition
      • Oncology
      • Ophthalmology and ENT
      • Pharmacology and Pain
      • Preventive Pediatrics
      • Pulmonary Medicine
      • Rheumatology

      CME/MOC Points

      This product provides you with a maximum of:
      100 CME credits and MOC points

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      2022–2023 Pediatrics Flashcards
      2022–2023 Pediatrics Flashcards
      2022–2023 Pediatrics Flashcards

      Build Speedy, Detailed Recall

      • Got 5 minutes? Go through a few Flashcards! A fun way to review anytime, anywhere

      • Rigorously reviewed and expertly written

      • Digital format is interlinked with the Core for one-click deeper dives into content

      • Resilient pattern-based learning

      • Maximize efficiency: Easily identify what you already know, and where you need more practice

      • A favorite learning technique in the MedStudy Method—as outlined in StudyWise (read this, all of it!)

      • Digital flashcards share a platform with Q&As for easy transition between formats

      Pediatrics Flashcards Highlights

      • Flashcards Build Knowledge

      • Optimized Digital Features

      • Additional Content

      Practice your recall by interpreting illness presentations and reviewing must-know facts

      Mark each card "Know It" or "Not Sure" to help you self-assess. Customize your session with topic and question filtering. Bookmark flashcards and add comments to practice active engagement

      Dig deeper with a section on each card detailing where you can find more information about the topic in the MedStudy Core (sold separately). Each digital flashcard has one-click access to the same information!

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      pediatric flashcards on mobile device

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Kacey Cox, MD

      I love the cards! They covered the major topics and used specific buzzwords that were on the boards. The cardiology was especially helpful.

      Alyssa Nastro, MD

      I really enjoyed the mixture of different materials. I also thought the flash cards and sample tests helped evaluate my weaker areas.

      Charlie A Morehead, MD

      These were awesome! I took them everywhere and did a section a day. I wrote important notes on them as well. Nice to have space to do that.

      Bryant Priromprintr, MD

      Flashcards provided a broad and quick review

      Michael Bykhovsky, MD

      Flashcards were helpful in highlighting and re-enforcing difficult subjects

      The MedStudy Method

      Lock the material you must know into your long-term memory. The MedStudy Method combines the most effective evidence-based learning techniques with the best board-focused material in an easy-to-apply, three-phase approach to study.

      • Preview


        Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Preview Questions in your Core or Videos

      • Spaced Retrieval

        Spaced Retrieval

        Practice recall of topic material with progressively spaced repetition of Preview | Review Questions, Board-Style Q&As, and Flashcards

      • Study


        Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, and/or listen to audio material with the goal of a solid understanding of the topics