Which Pediatrics Core Format Is Right For Me?

pediatrics core books in print


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pediatrics digital core on tablet


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What's delivered?
Five full-color books to flip through, highlight, and write in will arrive on your doorstep with a beautiful shelf case for easy display.
Our Digital Core flies through space and lands in your myMedStudy account.
What is the access period?
The books are yours to keep.
Digital Core is accessible for three years.
Is this format searchable?
Use the index to flip to the section you’re looking for.
View instant search results to quickly and easily find what you need.
Talk to me about usability.
Use these books in internet deserts.
Use Digital Core through myMedStudy on every device with internet access.
Does this format link to other MedStudy products?
Not directly, but cross-references exist in Q&As, flashcards, and more.
Yes, content is directly interlinked to Q&As and digital Flashcards (purchase separately).
How often is this format updated?
The print Core is updated every two years.
Digital Core receives ongoing updates.