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Onsite with Room
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internal medicine online course
Will breakfast be provided?
Yes! You'll be treated to hot breakfast in the Hyatt's onsite restaurant, Former Saint. Get ready for the omelet station!
No, you'll have to find your own omelet bar to enjoy.
No, you'll also have to find your own omelet bar—maybe even in your kitchen!
Is there a discounted hotel rate?
If you stay with the rest of us at the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center, absolutely! Rates starting at $265/night.
If you don't stay with us at the Hyatt, we can't get you a discounted rate.
You won't need a hotel of you join the live course from the comfort of your own home!
What's the best way to get to the course every day?
Just walk down from your hotel room at the Hyatt or even from breakfast. Easy!
Walk, ride scooter, hail a taxi, or commute on public transport. Your mode will vary based on your locale.
Post-up anywhere there's a reliable internet connection. Login and start your review!
Will it be easy for me to interact with my peers?
Most of our attendees choose to stay onsite, so you'll definitely have plenty of opportunity to interact with fellow physicians. Before the course, during, and after!
You'll be able to see everyone before, during, and after the course, but you might miss out on some of the fun onsite.
You'll be able to interact during the course, but we'll miss you at gatherings around the hotel!
Is there a cutoff date for booking?
Yup. If you want to get the group rate, please book by May 18, 2023.
Nope! You do you.
Nope! But you should give us at least a week's notice so that we can ship you your syllabus in time for the course.