The Complete Guide to the ABIM LKA

Up for your ABIM recertification soon? If you're considering the ABIM's new Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA), you may be wondering how this new MOC exam works.

We've gathered everything you need to know about the LKA into this FREE, helpful guide.

abim lka guide

This Complete Guide to the ABIM LKA includes...

  • This year's registration and question release dates
  • Details on exactly what to expect from the ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment
  • Helpful tips for taking the LKA
  • What content domains you'll be tested on
  • How to prepare for 2024 questions

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Common questions about the ABIM LKA

What is the ABIM longitudinal assessment?

The ABIM Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment is an option for your part 3 MOC requirements.

The LKA is an assessment option you have to maintain your ABIM certification.

How Does the 5-Year LKA Exam Cycle Work?

You should begin the 5-year LKA cycle in the year that you're due for an assessment.

Each quarter, the ABIM will add 30 questions to your Physician Portal.

Over the 5-year assessment period, the ABIM will send you 600 questions. You can skip up to 100 questions.

What is the difference between LKA and MOC ABIM?

The LKA is one of your MOC assessment options through the ABIM. The Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment differs from the traditional MOC exam in a couple of ways.

  • Length of testing time. The LKA is a 5-year-long exam where you're answering questions each quarter. The traditional MOC exam is one 10-hour day.
  • Testing location. The traditional MOC exam requires you to be in a testing center. The LKA is not proctored, and you can answer questions from any internet-connected device.
  • How often you need to re-take the exam. The traditional MOC exam is taken every 10 years. The LKA is taken every 5 years, and your certification remains active throughout the 5 year period. Both exam options allow you to maintain your certification for 10 years.
  • Cost. One big difference between the traditional ABIM MOC exam and the ABIM LKA is the cost. The traditional MOC exam carries a separate fee, while the LKA cost is covered by your MOC fees.
ABIM Longitudinal Assessment reviews—what are Internists saying?

For the most part, Internists we've talked to who've taken the ABIM LKA have been really happy with their testing experience. Overall feedback is that the questions are very related to their actual practice. They like that it's a lower-stress 10-year option, but feel like the testing cycle is drawn-out and the material still covers a huge amount of information (the entire ABIM MOC exam blueprint).

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