Medical Student Core: Pharmacology Book

The MedStudy pharmacology book presents and clearly explains all the relevant material you need to learn about this topic in med school. From basic science to clinical knowledge, our casual and concise content makes learning easier.

  • Includes coverage of every item for pharmacology in the content outline for USMLE® Step 1 & 2 Exams

Pharmacology is part of the Medical Student Core, which is sold primarily as a full set of 20 print or digital books. The individual books will cross-reference each other. 

For the best learning experience (and value!), purchase all the Core books as a full set or as part of the Med Student Study Strong System. (Qbank+ and Core content is interlinked.)

What's included
  • 274-page pharmacology textbook, carefully created according to the USMLE content outline
  • Hundreds of pharmacology Preview|Review Questions
  • Key equations offset in grey for easy identification
  • Clinical Pearls with relevant points to help you apply the information in a clinical setting
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Medical Student Core: Pharmacology Book
Open book view of the Pharmacology book with an additional closed book on top.

Peek inside the pharmacology book

Master the most difficult med school courses

topic of absorption

19 USMLE exam topics

Review every pharmacology topic for USMLE exams

Written in our trademark style—casual yet concise. Exactly what a medical student is expected to know about pharmacology.

Great for classwork and perfect for exams

Preview | Review questions from the Core

500+ Preview | Review questions

Quiz yourself on the most-tested pharmacology material

Questions appear at the beginning of each main topic to prime your brain for the concepts you'll be learning. Find answers highlighted in the pharmacology book's text.

Lock what you must know into your long-term memory

Inverse agonist visualization

40 medical charts, tables, & figures

Visualize complicated concepts

Explanations are further clarified with charts, graphs, and exquisitely drawn figures in this pharmacology book.

mechanism of action

Dedicated medication profiles

MOA, side effects and drug interactions at your fingertips

Intuitive headings provide quick access to each drug's mechanism of action, side effects, and interactions.

med books medstudy

medical student core

Master every med school subject

The Core set of books comprehensively presents and clearly explains the material you’re expected to learn in med school—and makes learning it easier.

Check out the Core

Covers every pharmacology subtopic you learn in med school

    • Pharmacokinetics
    • Pharmacodynamics
    • Drug Development
    • Central Nervous System (CNS)
    • Pulmonary System
    • Allergy / Immunology
    • Cardiovascular System
    • Endocrinology, Reproduction, and Diabetes
    • Infectious Diseases - Antibacterial Drugs
    • Infectious Diseases - Antifungal Drugs
    • Infectious Diseases - Antiparasitic Agents
    • Infectious Diseases - Antimalarials
    • Infectious Diseases - Other Antiprotozoals
    • Renal / Urinary System
    • Connective Tissue and Musculoskeletal System
    • Hematology and Oncology
    • Gastroenterology
    • Pain Control
    • Toxicology


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