Medical Student Core

Finally! One set of books for all of medical school. The Core comprehensively presents and clearly explains the material you’re expected to learn in med school—and makes learning it easier.

What's included
  • Entire digital Core, carefully created according to the USMLE exam outline
  • All Preview | Review questions
  • (digital Core only) Automatic updates as new content is released
  • Digital StudyWise guide
  • Personal Trainer access
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Products are non-refundable. A 30-day free trial is available for you to experience the Core prior to purchase.

Medical Student Core
Medical Student Core
Medical Student Core

Flip through a sample from the Musculoskeletal System section

Med students love the Core!

pediatrics digital core interface on a tablet

Preview | Review questions

Thousands of built-in questions

Questions appear at the beginning of each main topic to prime your brain for the concepts you'll be learning and for later review. Answers are highlighted in the text.

1,320 medical images and figures

Visualize complicated concepts

Explanations are further clarified with scans, x-rays, photos, and 860+ exquisitely-drawn figures.

Instant search results

Easily find what you're looking for

Quickly search in any topic or section, or across the entire digital Core. Take notes while you read, tie them to content you want to revisit.

Student Core book open to a two page spread. There is a circle call out on top of the spread showcasing a Clinical Pearl from the page.

clinical pearls

Crack open clinical pearls

See how basic science concepts are applied clinically.

interlinked Q&As

Prep for Step exams while you learn

With a single click, you can easily move between topics in the digital Core and related Step 1 or Step 2 questions.

Qbank+ sold separately.

Access the entire Musculoskeletal System section for free

  • 23 topics

  • All Core and Qbank+ questions

  • Unlimited access for 30 days

Get 30-day access to the entire Musculoskeletal System section of the Student Study Strong System (includes the Core, Q&As, and Personal Trainer). No credit card required.

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Student Core FAQs

What's the difference between the print and digital formats?


Five full-color books to flip through, highlight, and write in will arrive on your doorstep with a beautiful shelf case for easy display. The books are yours to keep. Use the index to flip to the section you’re looking for. Use these books in internet deserts.


Our Digital Core flies through space and lands in your MedStudy account. View instant search results to quickly and easily find what you need. Use Digital Core on every device with internet access. The content is directly interlinked to Q&As (purchase separately). Digital Core receives ongoing updates.

How current is the content?

The digital Core receives ongoing updates.

What's different about MedStudy?

MedStudy has over 30 years of expertise in helping doctors prepare for—and ace—their boards.

We're known for making learning medicine easier, and it all started with the conversational writing style in our Core.

We believe that combining science-based learning techniques with extremely focused content ensures you efficiently store the most important information in your long-term memory. That makes it easier to sail through your boards with flying colors—and makes you a better clinician.

How does this Core help prepare for Step exams?

From basic science to clinical knowledge, the casual and concise content in this Core covers all medical knowledge you must master—and makes learning it easier.

This Core covers every item in the USMLE exam content outline for. Step 1 and Step 2 exams.

In this Core, there are over 1,000 unique Preview | Review questions (with answers highlighted in the text) at the beginning of each main topic. These questions are based on the most exam-relevant info.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful and detailed books

The set of books is easy to read thru, very well organized, and high yield. Perfect for medical students.

Jazmin Candelario
Informative and Thorough Packet

I was extremely impressed with how each book/system provided the necessary knowledge with detailed images/tables, critical highlights to know, and important system overviews. They even provided a laminated one-pager of laboratory values which I carry with me on my rotations!!

Cassandra Martinez
Detailed and concise

Love the books and I feel that they are perfect to supplement classes and prep for boards. They give enough detailed information that you need to know without going over board. They also have little notes or things to focus on in the margins which I find helpful.

Sarah French

I loved the Student Core books! They were easily digestible and broken down by subject, which made it easier to take just one book with me each day, instead of lugging around a 700-page medical book. It also made it easier to look up topics, I’d just pull the book I needed and go.

Mark Corkins, MD

What makes this product valuable for medical students is that you have some of the very best experts, folks teach for a living, and who've taken all that experience about what's important and distilled it down into one volume. Really, every piece of information in the Student Core is golden.