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Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials

We’ve combined the 3 most essential Internal Medicine products with your own super-smart Personal Trainer to move what you need to know into your long-term memory. Internal Medicine Core, Qbank+ (New!), and Flashcards work together to maximize your study efficiency.

  • The new 20th Edition Core is written by superb physician educators who are intensely focused on teaching you the must-know information in a way that’s easily understood, concise, and yet casual.

  • Digital Qbank+ (NEW!) and Flashcards are both interlinked to the Digital Core for one-click access and deeper study.

  • Flashcards cover illness presentations and reference corresponding topics in the Core.

  • Personal Trainer brings the Core and Q&A content together, creating weekly study plans built according to your goals and study pace.

What's included

Digital Essentials
• Core (3-year access to our editionless digital core—updated throughout the access period)
• Digital Flashcards (1-year access)
• Board-Style Q&As (1-year digital access)
• Personal Trainer ($300/year value)

Print Essentials
• 20th Edition Core (set of 5 books)
• Print Flashcards (500+ flashcards)
• Board-Style Q&As (1-year digital access)
• Personal Trainer ($300/year value)

All-Access Essentials
• All of the above at a discounted price!

Topics Covered

• Allergy & Immunology
• Cardiology
• Dermatology
• Endocrinology
• Gastroenterology
• General Internal Medicine
• Hematology
• Infectious Disease
• Nephrology
• Neurology
• Oncology
• Pulmonary Medicine
• Psychiatry
• Rheumatology


Printed Core, 20th Edition
• Set of 5 books
• Preview | Review Questions
• Bold text used for definitions and lists
• Must-know text highlighting
• Burgundy text for emphasis
• Images and exquisitely-drawn figures
• Tables & charts
• Handy shelf-case for easy display and storage

Digital Core
• All the content in the printed Core, plus
• Ongoing content updates
• Mobile ready - easily view on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device
• Topics are interlinked with related Q&As and Flashcards
• Instant search results
• Easy note-taking

Digital Board-Style Q&As
• Mobile ready—easily view on your desktop, tablet or mobile device
• 1,700+ challenging questions covering the most testable concepts in the topics listed in the ABIM exam blueprint
• Strikethough: rule-out incorrect answers
• Peer response: See how others answered
• Each Q&A includes comprehensive explanations
• Question testing points identified
• Study mode and test mode
• Medical images & figures, tables & charts used throughout
• Confidence level reporting to identify knowledge gaps
• Report cards show an insightful breakdown of your results
• Filter by section or by questions that have been bookmarked, skipped, or answered incorrectly
• Instant search results

Print & Digital Flashcards
• 500+ flashcards, with answers and excerpts from the Core
• Printed cards in a box and/or online access for 12 months
• Digital flashcards interlinked with relevant core content

CME Credits/MOC Points

This product provides you with a maximum of 300 CME credits and MOC points

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Return Policy

All digital products including Internal Medicine Board-Style Q&A, Digital Core and Digital Flashcards are non-refundable. If you’re not satisfied with your print products, we allow returns within 14 days. See further details on our FAQ page.

Free trials are available of all digital learning tools.

internal medicine essentails with core books print and digital flashcards print and digital q&as and study guide
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials
Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials

Learn More. Stress Less.

  • internal medicine core books with digital core on tablet next to it

    20th Edition Core

    The most success-proven and accessible Internal Medicine review available covers what a competent IM physician is expected to know, including every item on the ABIM board blueprint. Print & Digital.

  • internal medicine q and a's on a tablet and phone device

    Board-Style Q&As

    Deepen learning, improve your recall speed, and easily assess what you know with 1,700+ focused digital board-style questions with detailed explanations.

  • Core Scripts Flashcards

    500+ Internal Medicine print & digital Flashcards quizzing on common illness scripts. Complete with answers, explanations, and references to the Core.

  • personal trainer dashboard showing study units on a tablet device

    Personal Trainer

    Your super-smart, interactive study guide creates a personalized study plan that adapts to your needs. Keeps track of your progress. Great throughout residency. Great for board prep.

Core Highlights

core connected with q and a shown on mobile devices

Interlinked Digital Content

With Digital Essentials you can easily move between topics in the digital Core and associated Q&As/Flashcards with a single click.

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internal medicine core preview review feature

Preview | Review Questions

P|R Questions appear at the beginning of each main topic and answers are highlighted in the text. Personal Trainer uses these questions in the in the Preview and Spaced Retrieval phases on your Study Board

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images and figures from the core

Medical Images & Figures

Visualize concepts with medical images—including diagnostic scans and x-rays, photos, ECGs, and exquisitely drawn figures.

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note and search features and functionality shown on mobile phones

Instant Search and Convenient Note-taking

Quickly search in any topic or section, or across the entire digital Core. Take notes while you read; they automatically link to content

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Q&A Highlights

q and a progress report showing which questions answered correctly or incorrectly

Question Specific Tracking

Know exactly where you are. Color-coded reports of answers by section

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confidence feature showing different emojis you can choose from for your answer

Confidence Levels

Quickly identify your knowledge gaps

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topics to select from when creating a q and a session

Test and Study Modes

Choose timed practice or instant feedback

Question Filtering

Select the type and number of questions to answer. Filter by section, and questions that have been bookmarked, skipped, or answered incorrectly

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Flashcard Highlights

flashcard box showing all of the different flashcards and a digital version of the flashcard product in a screen behind the box

Flashcards Build Knowledge

Practice your recall by interpreting illness presentations and reviewing must-know facts

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digital flashcard showing know it and not sure options for each card

Optimized Digital Features

Mark each card “Know It” or “Not Sure” to help you self-assess. Customize your session with topic and question filtering. Bookmark flashcards and add comments as needed

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Personal Trainer Highlights

personal trainer dashboard and review questions and answers on devices

Study board

Shows your weekly study plan. Each phase of study has its own section of the board (Study, Spaced Retrieval, Preview). Complete all of your work from this study board.

Weekly study plan

Uses Core, Q&A and the best evidence-based learning techniques to ensure deeper learning and easier recall

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personal trainer weekly review pop up to update study pace and study block

Weekly progress report

See your progress and adjust your study pace as needed.

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30-day access to the entire Pulmonary Medicine section of the Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials (includes the Core, Q&As, Flashcards, and Personal Trainer). No credit card required.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Terrific Board Review program. Easy to read and recall information because the language is precise and examples are memorable. I used this on my last recertification and sailed through. The training on how approach the learning process is novel and effective. I am excited to use the Print Essentials Study Strong for my upcoming Boards next spring.

Andrew Lehmann

Internal Medicine Study Strong Essentials

Leilanie Tuanquin-Gonzalez, MD

I used MedStudy the first time taking the boards right after residency 10 years ago. I passed the boards the first time around so I knew for the recertification I would use MedStudy again and I'm glad I did. The Core books with the literally highlighted high yield topics were perfect. I loved using the Core Scripts Flashcards for quick references and testing. The Q&A premium package to do practice tests was GREAT! I would definitely purchase these materials again in the future.

Anisha Kumar, MD

The books and the questions were incredibly helpful and I recommend them to all. The flashcards were great for review and became fun to make games with.

Daniel Paul, MD

I came reluctantly to the whole experience of studying for the recent Board exams but the style and substance of the MedStudy Board material was very user friendly and I actually began to enjoy the process of studying and doing the mock exams online. It was an icing on the cake to get CME credits for doing what one enjoyed doing. When duty became a delight then life is full and that's exactly what happened in my case - thanks to the great material from MedStudy.

The MedStudy Method

Lock the material you must know into your long-term memory. The MedStudy Method combines the most effective evidence-based learning techniques with the best board-focused material in an easy-to-apply, three-phase approach to study.

  • Preview


    Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Preview Questions in your Core or Videos

  • Study


    Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, and/or listen to audio material with the goal of a solid understanding of the topics

  • Spaced Retrieval

    Spaced Retrieval

    Practice recall of topic material with progressively spaced repetition of Preview | Review Questions, Board-Style Q&As, and Flashcards