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Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls

Engaging physician educators curate the highest-yield information from the Core and share it with you via streaming audio. Study on the go with 45+ hours of focused, convenient instruction presented in the same sequence as the Core.

  • 45+ hours of audio review

  • Max CME Credits/MOC Points: 45

  • Topic coverage informed by the ABIM and AOBIM exam blueprints

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      Topics Covered

      • Allergy & Immunology
      • Rheumatology
      • Geriatric Medicine
      • Dermatology
      • Infectious Disease
      • Pulmonary Medicine
      • Endocrinology
      • Nephrology
      • Hematology
      • Oncology
      • Cardiology
      • Neurology
      • Gastroenterology
      • General Internal Medicine
      • Psychiatry

      CME/MOC Points

      This product provides you with a maximum of:
      45 CME credits and MOC points

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      Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls
      Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls
      Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls
      Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls

      Listen to Learn

      • A perfect complement to reading the Core—using different modalities to learn the same material increases understanding and retention

      • Reinforce must-know concepts, procedures, and diagnostic protocols

      • 10 engaging experts read high-yield pearls, each in their own personable style

      • Listen via your internet browser or the MedStudy Media iOS app

      • View the system requirements

      Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls Highlights

      • Track Your Progress

      • Stay Organized While You Listen

      • Easy Playback Options

      • Menu Includes Topics and Subtopics

      Follow your progress through each section with real-time feedback

      Bookmark and take notes at any time

      Playback audio at your preferred pace—up to 2x normal speed. You can also rewind in 45- and 15-second increments

      Easily select what to listen to next

      Overview of Menu Progress Tracking Bar in Renal Cell Cancer section on iPad
      Bookmarks and Notes section on Core Audio Pearls
      Three mobile phones showcase different screens of Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls including playback options
      Close-up view of the subtopic menu and progress tracking of Allergy & Immunology on Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      William von Taaffe, MD

      I liked the questions' format and content, the brevity of the corriculum, and the audio review was a convenient tool to use while driving.

      John Hollingsworth, MD

      The audio lectures were fantastic,very helpful for my learning style.

      Sindhu James, MD

      The MedStudy study materials were very helpful in preparing for the exams, especially the audio presentations and board style questions and answers.

      The MedStudy Method

      Lock the material you must know into your long-term memory. The MedStudy Method combines the most effective evidence-based learning techniques with the best board-focused material in an easy-to-apply, three-phase approach to study.

      • Preview


        Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Preview Questions in your Core or Videos

      • Study


        Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, and/or listen to audio material with the goal of a solid understanding of the topics

      • Spaced Retrieval

        Spaced Retrieval

        Practice recall of topic material with progressively spaced repetition of Preview | Review Questions, Board-Style Q&As, and Flashcards