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Heart Sounds

When was the last time you practiced heart sounds?

Learn over 40 different heart sounds and murmurs with heart sounds recordings paired with associated physiologic structures and blood flow. Improve your cardiac auscultation accuracy and learn to quickly synthesize a differential diagnosis at the bedside for a patient’s presentation. 

Use Heart Sounds to interact with the cardiac anatomy as you learn. Layer anatomy, listen to sounds, and read conversational notes and helpful tips.  Designed for all medical practitioners, Heart Sounds is your gateway to mastering cardiac auscultation.


What's included
  • Over 40 different recordings of heart sounds and murmurs
  • Phonocardiograms, illustrations, and animations to show cardiac structures and blood flow 
  • Understand location, description, and sound with ease
  • Learn to distinguish between the different heart sounds and murmurs 
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Topics Covered

* Auscultation
* Anatomy
* The Cardiac Cycle
* Normal Heart Sounds
* Added Sounds
* Aortic Stenosis
* Mitral Regurgitation
* Systolic Murmurs
* Aortic Regurgitation
* Mitral Stenosis
* Mitral Valve Prolapse
* The Austin Flint Murmur
* Diastolic Murmurs

Scenes from inside heart sounds. Various heart illustrations and ecg charts
S2 placement on heart anatomy and LUSB
Heart Sounds

Imagine—while listening to your patient’s heart, you see exactly what’s going on inside of it.

Heart Sounds can teach you to do this!

  • Visualize cardiovascular anatomy

  • Master the cardiac cycle

  • Learn S1, S2, S3, and S4 heart sounds

  • Conquer "the Big Four" heart murmurs

  • Watch live neck pulsations

  • Learn cardiac landmarks

  • Review with clinical scenarios

  • Take the heart sounds quiz

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  • I use my stethoscope on almost every single patient I assess in the ER. Improving my knowledge of heart sounds strengthens my diagnostic abilities with the stethoscope!

    Lauren Knobeloch, ACNP, FNP (@np.lauren)
  • Starting a new block and having some of the best resources in the game to help you get down complex topics. MedStudy has an incredible Heart Sounds add on [to the Medical Student Study Strong System] that helps you learn everything you need for boards.

    Omar Popal, MS3 (@medstudentchronicles)
  • I’m starting my Medicine rotation tomorrow and this will come in so handy!

    Jackie, MD (@jackieplans)
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Cardiac anatomy animations and sound animations from heart sounds

40+ unique audio recordings, animated illustrations, and phonocardiograms

Explore the heart in detail, from the four chambers to the vasculature, with selectable layered images and recordings.

cardiac cycle animation

Interactive heart simulator

Dive into each phase of the heartbeat with our animated Wiggers cardiac cycle diagram, offering an integrated view of mechanical and electrical events.

Nail down the 'Big Four' heart murmurs

Master diagnosis of Aortic Stenosis, Aortic Regurgitation, Mitral Stenosis, and Mitral Regurgitation—including the timing (systolic, diastolic), intensity, and location where the murmur is heard best.

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Build your confidence before clinical rotations

Learning heart sounds in medical school is tough, and getting questions on a patient's heart sounds during rotations can really put you on the spot—until now!

With MedStudy Heart Sounds, you'll soon learn to accurately identify what you’re hearing and seeing when you assess a patient.

Build on your cardiology knowledge with the Core Cardiology book, or go through all of med school with confidence with the entire Med Student Study Strong System.


Customer Reviews

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Monica Popovici, MD

Medstudy was amazing outlining all topics in a very user friendly way.

MonaLisa Mojumdar Mitra, DO

Excellent resources.