Can I buy a used MedStudy product?

You may occasionally find MedStudy products for sale by someone other than MedStudy, but a few words of caution are in order:

The opportunity to obtain CME credits is available only to the original individual purchaser of a product, bought directly from MedStudy. A product resold by another party, even if unused, does not qualify for CME credits. Many will advertise that their products come with CME, but this is not so. If CME credit is important to you, be sure to buy your MedStudy product directly from MedStudy. Learn more about MedStudy's CME program.

MedStudy of course cannot guarantee the quality of any product sold by another party. We’ve had reports of people buying used books that arrive in extremely worn condition, of new or used blu-rays or USBs that won’t function properly. MedStudy supports and guarantees the quality of products if they are purchased through us, but not if they are resold in used condition by someone else.

Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous sellers of MedStudy products are not selling original products at all but rather illegal copies of our products. These people violate federal copyright law because all content in the MedStudy material is original work that is the property of MedStudy and is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. MedStudy owns the exclusive right to control the reproduction, distribution and use of this content. This situation presents the unwary buyer not only the risk of extremely inferior quality but also potential legal liability since it is against federal copyright law to sell or buy such illegal copies. Penalties can range up to $250,000 and/or 5 years in jail. So when considering buying a used product, definitely make sure it is an original product and not a copy of any kind.

Note: MedStudy operates in good faith and appreciates the fact that our customers continue to be loyal and supportive of our efforts. When people attempt to sell illegal copies of our works, it hinders our efforts to keep products affordable for the vast majority of our customers. You can report anyone selling (or buying) illegal products to, providing as much information as you can about the infringer(s). Thank you.