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What are the system requirements for Core Audio Pearls?

Ashley Dreyer

Pediatrics and Internal Medicine Core Audio Pearls have the following system requirements

Desktop: Windows 10 or higher (must use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox). Mac OS X 11 (Big Sur) or higher.

iPhone/iPad: iOS 14 or higher.

Android phone/tablet: Android version 12 or higher. 

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How safe is it to use my credit card on MedStudy.com?

Leah Martinez

Your credit card is extremely safe with MedStudy. MedStudy implements security measures to protect against unauthorized access to, or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. As with any legitimate merchandising website, you will see “https” in the URL, confirming you have entered a secure transaction zone. This means any personal information, including name, address, email address, and credit card information, is safe from any outside intruders.

MedStudy does not share, sell, trade, exchange, or rent your personal information to others. This guarantee includes your email address.

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Why is it important that I supply MedStudy with my email address?

Leah Martinez

Your email address is important for at two reasons: 1) We send all purchase receipts to the email address you provide; and 2) We send out Certificate(s) of CME credits after you have applied for such credit.

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Why do I have to register with MedStudy in order to purchase anything online?

Leah Martinez

Registration with MedStudy is one of the safeguards we use to ensure the security of the item(s) you purchase online, as well as the security of your credit card.

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How long do I have access to my online product?

Abbie Rohr

Video Board Review: Available until CME expires 


Online Course: Videos available for 12 months after the course ends 


Internal Medicine Core: Available until CME expires


Pediatrics Core: Available for 36 months after activation date 


Q&As: Available for 12 months after activation date 


Flashcards:  Available for 12 months after activation date 


Audio Pearls: Available until CME expires


Hospital Medicine Basics: Available until CME expires


Heart Sounds: Available for 24 months after activation date 


Skin Signs: Available for 24 months after activation date

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