How do MedStudy Core learning tools differ from similar products from other companies?

MedStudy exists to make learning medicine easier. Our Core learning tools are created by superb physician educators from residencies and teaching hospitals across the U.S. and are designed to propel you through your review—whether you’re in residency, preparing for the boards (initial cert or MOC), or maintaining competency. 

Core learning tools have a clear, concise writing style that simplifies traditionally complex concepts, making it easier for you to digest and retain material much more easily and thoroughly than with other products. 

Residency program directors and attendings report that residents who use MedStudy as a key component of their learning show deeper medical knowledge, and greater expertise in the evaluation and care of patients, with enhanced performance in morning reports, rounds, etc.

In short, the Core can strengthen clinical competence ratings in residency, while at the same time providing the very best preparation available for the boards. 

Similarly, physicians in practice use the Core as a current and succinct review to quickly and easily get the key elements down.