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  • Visit www.abim.org for internal medicine or www.abp.org for pediatrics. These sites offer dates, blueprints, and other information about exams, and ABIM also provides statistics on pass/fail rates of previous exams, including those of residency programs.
  • You can access your MedStudy online products directly through the website http://my.medstudy.com or you can log onto www.medstudy.com and click on myMedStudy in the navigation menu. You will be asked to log in with the user name and password you created when you made your purchase.
  • To receive the residency or fellowship discount on live courses, you must provide a letter signed by your program or fellowship director, on letterhead, stating your status. Fax it to us at 719-520-5973 or scan and email it to customerservice@medstudy.com. After you send the letter, please call MedStudy Customer Service at 1-800-841-0547 to confirm receipt, register for the course, and receive the resident discount.

    Group discounts are available for the purchase of 5 or more of any IM or Peds Core Curriculum, flash cards, Q&A, video board review, or live course. Download an order form for IM or Peds to get started. Additional questions? Call customer service at 1-800-841-0547.

  • Core Curriculum products are comprehensive IM and Peds medical education and board review resources that feature on-point content and a conversational writing style that makes internal medicine and pediatrics concepts and standards of care uniquely easier to understand for thousands of physicians and pediatricians. The Cores’ conciseness and clarity of explanation allow the reader to digest and retain material much more easily and thoroughly than with other products. Content is based on what professional medical educators have determined “every competent physician should know”—which is exactly the same material covered by the Boards, and exactly what the practicing physician needs to keep updated on. All presented in a logical framework that allows the reader to learn more internal medicine or pediatrics study material with less effort.

    Strategic use of color, text highlighting, illustrations, tables, diagrams, self-quizzes, and mnemonics further enhance the reader-friendliness of the IM and Peds Cores while strengthening the user’s ability to retain what is read. The facts most likely to be tested are already yellow-highlighted in these Cores, and the Quick Quizzes on every two-page spread test the reader on these facts. Each of the traditional subspecialties has its own titled section. There is also space on every page for the user to make personal study notes.

    The Core Curriculums are part of MedStudy’s integrated learning system, (Peds and IM), which includes Flash Cards/Core Scripts®, Q&A products, live courses, and course videos. Each component of this integrated study system informs, complements, and reinforces the others. Residency program directors and attendings report that residents who use MedStudy as a key component of their learning show deeper medical knowledge, and a greater expertise in evaluation and care of patients, with enhanced performance in morning reports, rounds, etc.

    In short, the Core Curriculum can strengthen clinical competence ratings in residency, while at the same time providing the very best preparation available for the Boards. Similarly, physicians in practice use the Core as a current and succinct review, quickly and easily getting the key elements down.