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medical student core set of 20 books print and digital

The Medical Student Core Is Structured To Support Your Progress Through Coursework

Finally, one set of books for medical school that comprehensively covers the knowledge students must master! From basic science to clinical knowledge, our casual and concise content makes learning medicine easier. Included in both print and digital formats.

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step 1 and step 2 q bank plus products on tablet and mobile devices

Confidently Take on USMLE Step Exams with Qbank+

3,000 challenging questions created by expert physician educators address the most testable topics on the USMLE Exam Content Outline for Step 1 & Step 2. Each Q&A is linked to the same topic in the Core so you can dig into the Testing Point for each question.

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heart sounds and skin signs products on tablets

All You Need To Know About Heart Sounds and Skin Signs

Dive into clinical skills for cardiology and dermatology with Heart Sounds and Skin Signs.

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personal trainer dashboard on a laptop

Study Strong® with Proven Learning Techniques Built into the Content

Personal Trainer gives you personalized, adjustable learning plans built according to your study pace. Weekly Core and Qbank+ assignments combine the content with the MedStudy Method to move must-know information into your long-term memory.

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Here is a review of the content development/use and of the Personal Trainer by Directors of those areas, Sherry Kyle and Dr. Shannon Bomar.

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