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Medical Student Study Strong System: Digital Only

Kick off the year ahead with the most affordable package that is focused on your immediate needs. 

  • An evidence-based learning system with 3 essential components that work together to ensure you truly LEARN the foundations of medicine—in the easiest way possible

  • Choose between 1-year or 6 months of access to: Digital Medical Student Core, Personal Trainer ($300 value), and your choice of Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+

  • Build a sound (and EASILY RECALLED) knowledge base of everything you are expected to learn in med school, including coverage of every item in the USMLE® content outline

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What's included

1 Year Digital Only
• 1 year of digital access to Medical Student Core
• 1 year of digital access to Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+
• 1 year of digital access to Personal Trainer

6 Month Digital Only
• 6 months of digital access to Medical Student Core
• 6 months of digital access to Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+
• 6 months of digital access to Personal Trainer


Medical Student Core
• Preview | Review Questions
• Think it Through call-outs
• Clinical Pearls
• Must-know text highlighting
• Burgundy text for emphasis
• 1,320 images including 860+ exquisitely-drawn figures
• Tables & Charts
• Special headings identify Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prognosis
• List of abbreviations in each section
• Career Focus
• Hear It From A Specialist
• Interlinked content
• Instant search results
• Easy note-taking

Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+
• 1,500 challenging questions in each Qbank+
• In-depth answers and explanations on topics you'll likely see on Step 1 & 2 exams
• Hints if you get stuck
• Peer Response: See how others answered
• Strikethough: rule-out incorrect answers
• Study mode and Test mode
• Medical Images & Figures, Tables & Charts used throughout
• Confidence level reporting to identify knowledge gaps
• Report Cards show an insightful breakdown of your results
• Filter by section and questions that have been bookmarked, skipped or answered incorrectly
• Instant search results

Personal Trainer ($300/year value)
• Weekly study plans outlining what you need to read in your Core and answer in your Q&As
• 2-minute set-up questionnaire
• Ability to adjust and personalize based on your study pace

Topics Covered

• Biochemistry
• Biostatistics & Epidemiology
• Cardiology
• Dermatology
• Endocrinology
• Gastroenterology and Nutrition
• General Medicine
• Genetics
• Hematology and Oncology
• Immunology & Allergic Disorders
• Microbiology and Infectious Disease
• Musculoskeletal System
• Nephrology and Urology
• Neurology
• Pediatrics
• Pharmacology
• Psychiatry & Behavioral Health
• Pulmonary Medicine
• Surgery
• Women’s & Men’s Health

Learn More. Stress Less.

Explore the system

  • Medical Student Core

    Everything you need to excel in classes and on exams. Preview | Review Questions built into each topic to focus your review.

  • Personal Trainer

    Weekly Core and Qbank+ study plans combine content with the MedStudy Method to move what you need to know into your long-term memory.

  • Step 1 & Step 2 Qbank+

    3,000 questions created by expert physician educators. Test your knowledge of basic science concepts and clinical scenarios for Step 1 and Step 2 prep.

Which Student System Is Right For Me?

Each student package is designed to ensure you truly learn the foundations of medicine. You get to pick which version of our comprehensive system is best for you—because your entire medical career relies on the knowledge structure you’re building right now.



clinical focus 2 year access student system

Complete: 4 Year Access

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clinical focus 2 year access student system

Clinical Focus: 2 Year Access

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digital only 1 year access student system

Digital Only: 1 Year Access

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digital only 1 year access student systemDigital Only: 6 Month Access

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Print Core
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Digital Core
Qbank+ Step 1 AND Step 2 Qbank+ Step 2 Qbank+ Choose Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+
Choose Step 1 OR Step 2 Qbank+
Personal Trainer ($300 Value)
Heart Sounds
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Skin Signs Included
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Medical Student Core Highlights

  • Interlinked Digital Content

  • Preview | Review Questions

  • Clinical Pearls

  • Over 1,320 Images

With a single click, immediately reinforce must-know points in your Q&A bank

Preview, study and review the highest-yield material. See highlighted text for the answers

We pull out relevant points to help you apply the information in a clinical setting

Explanations are further clarified with scans, x-rays, photos, and 860+ equisitely

Qbank+ Highlights

  • 1,500 challenging questions

  • Interlinked content

  • Hint

  • Peer Comparison

Choose between Step 1 or Step 2 Qbank+. Each created from the most commonly tested concepts in the USMLE Exam Content Outline.

Each Q&A is interlinked with the same topic in the digital Core

Stumped? Hint will get you back on track

See how all the other medical students answered the same question on their first try.

Personal Trainer Highlights

  • Study Board

  • Weekly Study Plan

  • Weekly Progress Report

Shows your weekly study plan. Each phase of study has its own section . of the board (Study, Spaced Retrival, Preview). Complete all of your work from this study board.

Uses Core, Qbank+ and the best evidence-based learning techniques to ensure deeper learning and easier recall

See your progress and adjust your study pace as needed

Try it free!

With one-click, experience the revolutionary Med Student Study Strong system! No credit card required.

  • Medical Student Core

    Medical Student Core

    Get a feel for every feature in the Core with your 30 day free trial of the entire Musculoskeletal System section.

  • Step 1 & Step 2 Qbank+

    Step 1 & Step 2 Qbank+

    Self-test with 30 days of Step 1- and Step 2-style questions covering the Musculoskeletal System.

  • Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer

    Bring the Core and Q&A content together with weekly study plans build according to your goals and study pace.

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The MedStudy Method

Lock the material you must know into your long-term memory. The MedStudy Method combines the most effective evidence-based learning techniques with the best board-focused material in an easy-to-apply, three-phase approach to study.

  • Preview


    Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Preview Questions in your Core or Videos

  • Study


    Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, and/or listen to audio material with the goal of a solid understanding of the topics

  • Spaced Retrieval

    Spaced Retrieval

    Practice recall of topic material with progressively spaced repetition of Preview | Review Questions, Board-Style Q&As, and Flashcards

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE®) is a joint program of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB®) and National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME®). None of the trademark holders are affiliated with MedStudy.