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10th Edition Pediatrics Core

The most success-proven and accessible Pediatrics review available. Whether you are preparing for a board exam or building your knowledge for daily practice, this 10th edition Core is everything you need.

  • Print version includes five books in a handy shelf case

  • Great for clinical and hospital practice MDs and DOs

  • With the included Personal Trainer, builds a sound (and easily recalled!) Pediatrics knowledge base

  • Confidently and competently take on the boards

  • Examand practicerelevant content

  • Max CME Credits/MOC Points: 150


NEW! Study Strong Essentials includes Personal Trainer. Get personalized, adjustable learning plans built according to your study pace and goals. Uses Core topics, Preview | Review questions, and Q&As (sold separately), and combines them with the MedStudy Method to move what you need to know into your long-term memory.

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    Topics Covered

    •Adolescent Medicine & Sexual Health
    •Allergy & Immunology
    •Behavioral Medicine & Substance Use Disorders
    •Biostatistics, Ethics, Patient Safety, and Quality Improvement
    •Emergency Medicine & Maltreatment Syndromes
    •Growth & Development
    •Infectious Disease
    •Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine
    •Metabolic Disorders
    •Nephrology and Urology
    •Ophthalmology & ENT
    •Pharmacology and Pain Management
    •Preventive Pediatrics
    •Pulmonary MedicineRheumatology

    CME/MOC Points

    This product provides you with a maximum of:
    150 CME credits and MOC points

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    Book 5 of 10th Edition Pediatrics Core standing up with books 1-4 stacked vertically behind it.
    One of the Pediatrics Core print books open to a spread. It showcases illustrations and text on the page. three Core print books are closed behind it.
    A Pediatrics Core book spread open over a closed Core book

    Designed to Propel You Through Your Review

    • Cuts through the clutter to make learning and maintaining competency in Pediatrics as easy as possible

    • Our physician educators are intensely focused on including must-know information in a way that’s easily understood, concise, and yet casual

    • Uses the MedStudy Method—as outlined in your StudyWise guide—to learn, retain, and easily recall all the medical information as you need it, whether you’re seeing patients or taking Pediatrics boards

    Pediatrics Core Highlights

    preview | review questions from the peds corepreview | review questions from the peds core

    Preview | Review questions

    P|R questions appear at the beginning of each main topic and answers are highlighted in the text. These are the same questions Personal Trainer uses for your spaced retrieval sessions

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    accent type for emphasis in peds coreaccent type for emphasis in peds core

    Accent type for emphasis

    Bold text = definitions and lists; Burgundy text = stresses words that your favorite professor might emphasize

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    700 medical images, figures & tables

    Visualize concepts with medical images—including diagnostic scans and x-rays, photos, ECGs, and exquisitely drawn figures

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    Shelf case

    Handy shelf case included for easy display and storage of your Core books

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    Personal Trainer Highlights

    • Study Board

      Shows your weekly study plan. Each phase of study has its own section of the board (Study, Spaced Retrieval, Preview). Complete all of your work from this study board

    • Weekly Study Plan

      Uses Core, Q&A and the best evidence-based learning techniques to ensure deeper learning and easier recall

    • Weekly Progress Report

      See your progress and adjust your study pace as needed

    medstudy personal trainer on laptop
    medstudy personal trainer weekly study plan and dashboard on separate devices
    medstudy personal trainer progress report

    Which Pediatrics Core Format Is Right For Me?

    pediatrics core books in print


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    What's delivered?
    Five full-color books to flip through, highlight, and write in will arrive on your doorstep with a beautiful shelf case for easy display.
    Our Digital Core flies through space and lands in your myMedStudy account.
    What is the access period?
    The books are yours to keep.
    Digital Core is accessible for three years.
    Is this format searchable?
    Use the index to flip to the section you’re looking for.
    View instant search results to quickly and easily find what you need.
    Talk to me about usability.
    Use these books in internet deserts.
    Use Digital Core through myMedStudy on every device with internet access.
    Does this format link to other MedStudy products?
    Not directly, but cross-references exist in Q&As, flashcards, and more.
    Yes, content is directly interlinked to Q&As and digital Flashcards (purchase separately).
    How often is this format updated?
    The print Core is updated every two years.
    Digital Core receives ongoing updates.

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    See What Other Physicians Had To Say

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    karunasri Janga, MD

    It's great! I studied only using Medstudy and passed the boards on first attempt. I strongly recommend it to my colleagues and friends.

    Catherine Kent, MD

    The Core was just what I needed to really step back and review everything. I don't think I would have passed without it.

    Sarah Green, MD

    I read the books and did the question bank. I liked that the book had questions because it helped me read more actively.

    The MedStudy Method

    Lock the material you must know into your long-term memory. The MedStudy Method combines the most effective evidence-based learning techniques with the best board-focused material in an easy-to-apply, three-phase approach to study.

    • Preview


      Preview topics and assess your knowledge within the Preview Questions in your Core or Videos

    • Study


      Read the Core, watch course or video lectures, and/or listen to audio material with the goal of a solid understanding of the topics

    • Spaced Retrieval

      Spaced Retrieval

      Practice recall of topic material with progressively spaced repetition of Preview | Review Questions, Board-Style Q&As, and Flashcards