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QuickREF for 2022 MOCA-Peds Learning Objectives

Use this QuickREF guide as your open book reference for 2022 MOCA-Peds.


This QuickREF includes:

  • Content that covers all 45 General Pediatrics learning objectives and 2 featured readings for 2022 MOCA-Peds

  • Quick Points that cover the must-know information for each learning objective

  • Relevant excerpts from the 10th Ed. Peds Core for each objective

  • Printed book with free digital version


 Add on our 2,000+ Peds Q&As, with 300+ questions you can filter out, that specifically address the 2022 MOCA-Peds learning objectives.

Learning Objectives Covered

• Counsel families about healthy beverage consumption in early childhood
• Develop a management plan for a patient with an abnormal depression screening
• Diagnose and manage acute head injury
• Evaluate a neonate with respiratory distress
• Evaluate an adolescent with secondary amenorrhea
• Evaluate and manage a child with a disorder of the scalp
• Evaluate and manage a child with postconcussion syndrome
• Evaluate and manage a patient with nasal polyps
• Evaluate and manage an infant or child with a new heart murmur
• Evaluate and manage infants and children with acute urinary tract infection
• Evaluate the developmental status of a child at 24 months of age
• Identify and manage cutaneous vascular lesions of infancy
• Know the differential diagnosis of acute abdominal pain
• Know the differential diagnosis of hip pain
• Manage an adolescent with functional abdominal pain
• Manage problems associated with school overachievement
• Plan the evaluation of a child with recurrent pneumonia
• Plan the initial evaluation of a child with thyroid enlargement
• Plan the management of a child with recurrent or persistent streptococcal infection
• Plan the management of athletic amenorrhea
• Provide guidance regarding educational accommodations and interventions
• Provide guidance regarding toilet training refusal
• Recognize and apply ethical principles involved in informed consent/assent
• Recognize and evaluate an adolescent with abnormal pubertal development
• Recognize and manage labial adhesions
• Recognize and manage migraine variants in children
• Recognize and plan initial evaluation of altered mental status
• Recognize common congenital anomalies
• Recognize common X-linked genetic disorders
• Recognize complications of antibiotic overuse
• Recognize clinical features of gastroesophageal reflux (including the symptoms involving other organ systems)
• Recognize clinical features of juvenile idiopathic arthritis
• Recognize the clinical manifestations of cardiac dysrhythmias
• Recognize the clinical presentation and evaluation for oral allergy syndrome
• Recognize the clinical presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of methemoglobinemia
• Recognize the factors that relate to risk of error or reduced patient safety
• Recognize the presentation of primary disorders of phagocytic number and/or function
• Recognize the signs and symptoms of cancers involving the bone
• Understand the diagnosis and management of infectious diarrhea
• Understand the differential diagnosis of tachypnea in an infant
• Understand the differential diagnosis, evaluation, and management of otorrhea in children
• Understand the impact of racism on child and adolescent health
• Understand the inherited patterns of various blood disorders
• Understand the management of a prepubertal child with genital warts
• Understand the role of the pediatrician in prevention of child abuse and neglect
• Featured Reading: Metabolic and bariatric surgery
• Featured Reading: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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QuickREF for 2022 MOCA-Peds Learning Objectives
QuickREF for 2022 MOCA-Peds Learning Objectives

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QuickREF Features

  • Quick Points

  • Core Excerpts - Now Highlighted!

  • Featured Readings

Start off each section with the highest-yield information for that learning objective

Deepen your learning with excerpts from our 10th Edition Peds Core. Information pertinent to the objectives is highlighted in yellow

Summaries of the two featured required readings covered in the 2022 assessment

QuickREF Digital Only Features

  • Instant Search Results

  • Convenient Note Taking

  • Mobile Friendly

Quickly search for specific words or phrases across your entire digital QuickREF

Take notes while you read and tie them to content you wan to revisit

Access your QuickREF on your mobile device or tablet

Pediatrics Q&A Features

  • 300+ Practice Questions

  • Question Specific Tracking

  • Test and Study Modes

Easily filter our 2,000+ Peds Q&As to see only the questions that address 2022 MOCA-Peds learning objectives

Keep track of your progress with color-coded reports of answers (unanswered, answered correctly, answered incorrectly)

Choose timed practice or instant feedback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nina Poliak, MD

I have reviewed the MOCA Peds book and I really like it. In fact, I use it almost every day when I teach. It is my quick look up guide too. The book contains all important topics. It is written very well, both scientific and also understandable. I use it for my MOCA-Peds and it has all pertinent information. Most topics I had on my MOCA exams so far are covered in this book I would definitely recommend this book to all my colleagues and friends.

Judith Cornely, MD

This is so helpful…I was thinking to myself ‘uggh MOCA prep.’ This will make my life easier.

Heather Stewart, MD

As a sub-specialist that does not practice general pediatrics I appreciate having a succinct compilation of the objectives

Martha Smith, MD

Perfect study guide for the MOCA-Peds Exam. Every thing you need to know is in the study guide. Organized and easy to use reference during the test.