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Heart Sounds

When was the last time you practiced heart sounds?

Keep your clinical skills sharp by reviewing over 40 different heart sounds and murmurs. Plus, watch interactive cardiograms and animations to help you visualize what you are hearing, and switch to test mode to quiz yourself.

  • Useful for all medical practitioners
  • Practice recognizing heart sounds including s1 and s2 heart sounds
  • Visualize cardiovascular flow
  • Access available for 24 months

Heart Sounds is an integral component of the Med Student Study Strong System  

Topics Covered

* Auscultation
* Anatomy
* The Cardiac Cycle
* Normal Heart Sounds
* Added Sounds
* Aortic Stenosis
* Mitral Regurgitation
* Systolic Murmurs
* Aortic Regurgitation
* Mitral Stenosis
* Mitral Valve Prolapse
* The Austin Flint Murmur
* Diastolic Murmurs

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An image from within Heart Sounds of the menu and S2 Split, S3 and S4
Heart Sounds

Listen, Watch, and Practice

* Hear recordings of both normal heart sounds and murmurs.

* Watch phonocardiograms and animations.

* Connect what you hear with associated physiologic structures and blood flow.

* Anatomic landmarks show you where to listen.

* Detailed explanations identify what to listen for.

*The Big Four heart murmurs are thoroughly covered: AS, MR, AR, and MS.

Heart Sounds Highlights

  • Heart Sounds Recordings and Detailed Descriptions

  • Cardiograms and Animations

  • Study Mode and Test Mode

  • Bookmarks and Notes

Review more than 40 audio recordings and learn where to listen, what to listen for, and more.

Watch and see how heart sounds relate to physiology.

Listen, watch, and visualize. Then test your skills, Includes specific clinical scenarios.

Record your own connections and associations.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monica Popovici, MD

Medstudy was amazing outlining all topics in a very user friendly way.

MonaLisa Mojumdar Mitra, DO

Excellent resources.

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